Pilates & Feldenkrais classes at your own pace

Private classes are a way of giving yourself the time, progress and attention your body needs.Come and try our tailor-made classes and discover new things in the way you move and feel your body.

Awareness of movement is the key to improvement (Moshé Feldenkrais)

Cours de Pilates à domicile sur Bruxelles

Studio Taash offers individual or small group Pilates and Feldenkrais classes. It is located in Brussels, between Mérode and Montgomery, a stone’s throw from the Tongres district, Cinquantenaire Park and the European institutions. Its format and the adaptability of the teacher, Tara Schneider Appriou, will enable you to work gently and in depth on your mobility and body awareness.

Les disciplines proposées


Pilates focuses on muscular and postural strengthening, with an emphasis on the abdominal belt. This part of the body includes the lower back, abdominals and pelvic floor. This means that a large part of each class will focus on working the deep muscles that enable us to hold ourselves up and also relieve us of common aches and pains such as those in the lower back.


The Feldenkrais approach tries to awaken in us an acute sensitivity to the small movements we make, so that we become aware of them. The aim is to reduce effort and focus attention on movement in its simplest, most comfortable and elegant form. Awareness of our bone ‘layout’, of our own body organisation, gives us a much clearer picture of how we can improve our comfort and mobility.

Qui est taash ?

I’ve loved movement ever since I was a child: dance, gymnastics and choreography led me to study contemporary dance in Croatia (ZPA Zagreb), then in France (studio Yette Resal Marseille, Epsedanse Montpellier, Centre chorégraphique national Mathilde Monnier Montpellier).

How do we move, how does paying attention to our body make us feel better?

Apprendre à bouger avec le Feldenkrais

We all want to move with ease, suppleness and elegance. We all dream of being able to ‘do everything’ with our bodies, and at any age we rely on it  to keep up and adapt. 

There are many different ways for each of us to regain this ease of mobility. By practicing gentle methods such as Feldenkrais or Pilates, you choose to take your time to understand your own body’s organisation and way of doing things. Taking this time is invaluable because it allows you to go much further in your practice (deepen your knowledge) by integrating your own morphology, understanding your posture and shaping your habits.

Habits are a good thing, as long as you can change them’, said Feldenkrais.

The head has a body…and the body has a head. Putting them in dialogue is the key to feeling good, to having freedom of movement and being able to approach them in different ways…”. We are not only body, or only mind; we are body and mind all together.” (George Sand)

Benefits of each approach

What can you gain from practicing the Feldenkrais method or the Pilates method? These two very different approaches both give you the opportunity to regain your mobility. This will be more muscular and toned if you opt for the Pilates method, and more articular and postural if you use Feldenkrais. Of course, these are autonomous methods that can be practiced independently. 

The two techniques practiced available at Studio Taash coexist and form links in the body and in  practice – making one part of the body strong and stable (through Pilates practice) while being aware of the other parts of the body and their mobility (through Feldenkrais practice). Studio Taash believes that both methods provide in-depth work.

Réduire douleurs chroniques avec le pilates - Cours de Pilates Bruxelles
Cours en groupe Pilates Bruxelles

The idea behind these two practices is above all to be able to re-use the learning acquired during the sessions in any other sporting activity or, quite simply, daily activity: how do you walk? How do you sit? How do you lift your arm skywards to follow the flight of a bird? Are these movements pleasant? Easy to do? Could you perform them several times in a simple and elegant way?

As soon as we use our brain, four elements are activated: motor skills, thought, sensory and emotional. Under normal conditions, we never use one of them without bringing the other three into play. (N. Doidge)

Cours de Pilates Individuel Bruxelles
Take care of your body, which is the only place you have to live all your life - Jim Rohn

At studio taash we want to :

Work together to create flexibility of body and adaptability of mind

Discuss chronic pain and allow the body to find other paths, tame sensations and trust itself

Live fully and consciously in your body

Améliorer sa posture Pilates Cours Bruxelles



I started Pilates with Tara a year and a half ago and also followed her Feldenkrais classes.  Tara is a real pro who leads her sessions like a virtuoso, which are dynamic, varied and progressive in an atmosphere of sharing and listening, all set to the rhythm of her soothing singing voice (with its inimitable accent!)



I felt much easier to move my arm at the end of the lesson.  An ever-widening imprint when you go back to resting on your back. But also in the standing position – a feeling that the ribcage hadn’t finished relaxing… as if the accordion was finishing unfolding …. but pleasant




Solo Class (at home)

50 €

Solo Class (zoom)

35 €

Group lessons

On demand depending on the chosen locations


Solo Lesson (at home)

50 €

Solo Lesson (zoom)

35 €

Group lessons


Cours privé Pilates Bruxelles

Brussels at the end of 2023

With winter fast approaching, we naturally want to slow down our outdoor activities and take some time out for ourselves. This is the perfect time for private lessons, to look at the way we exercise, the way we approach movement and physical activity. Would you like to take a private lesson or try one out …

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