What I like about Tara’s classes is the perfect balance between muscular effort and stretching exercises. This alternation means you can follow the class without feeling exhausted or discouraged. I have the feeling that my body is getting slimmer and firmer as the classes go on, and the pain I used to have in my back has disappeared.


Tara is a professional, serious and caring Pilates teacher who adapts to her very diverse audience and is very cheerful’.

Sylvie D

Pilates classes have helped me get back into sport. It had been a few years since my pregnancy that I hadn’t been able to take the time to move around. I soon got back in touch with parts of my body that I’d forgotten about. I particularly like the feeling at the end of each session that I’ve grown, gained height and become more vertical. Also, the sheathing has had excellent results on my abdominal muscles, in depth!

Anne Lore

J’ai découvert le pilates grâce à toi et j’ai ADORÉ. Des cours très pros et toujours dans la bonne humeur.  Un vrai bonheur !!! Continue sans rien changer 


I’m really happy to have been able to follow Tara’s lessons! Patient, funny and very professional! My back and abs thank her! In-depth work and a teacher who’s always motivated! I recommend her wholeheartedly!


First of all, thank you for your dynamism, enthusiasm and teaching skills during the classes! It helped me – in a good mood – to understand the basics of Pilates (breathing, the muscles involved…) which I find a bit tricky! I’m used to more ‘cardio’ sports, where you’re working the muscles on the surface and it’s easier to see how they’re working. I didn’t really get into Pilates in France and you’ve really given me a taste for it! I really liked the way you alternated between strength training and stretching in your classes, which made me realise that both were important! My frustration is that I haven’t been able to practise every day, to really make progress and feel the changes …


‘Quel bonheur de faire de cours de Pilates avec Tara ! Les exercices sont bien expliqués, variés, avec du matériel différent. Tara est toujours à l’heure et de bonne humeur. Je recommande !’

Marie A

Since I’ve been doing Pilates regularly with Tara, my back problems have left me in peace. Her classes are dynamic and fast-paced, with no downtime. Everything flows naturally. 

At the end of the session, you feel like you’ve done some deep work without hurting yourself. You also feel taller, stretched and serene.


‘Almost five years of Pilates with Tara and my backaches have become history. Her infectious sense of humour, good vibes and patience made the training even more enjoyable. I will miss her patience and her highly professional approach. I 100% recommend her and her work to everyone.’


Hello Tara, you’re a dedicated teacher who cares about your students. We can see and feel that you’re there for us, to help us progress and prevent us from hurting ourselves. You always listen to us, but you never lose sight of your objective (the mini-breaks are always well managed). We can also see that you give us the benefit of your training and research and you know how to develop your courses. I feel lucky to have crossed your path! Jërëjëf for everything dear Tara !!!!


Hi Tara, first of all I’d like to thank you for everything you’ve taught me.

Becoming aware of my body, the little movements that might seem silly but which change everything. Muscles that I use very little if at all.

Learning to coordinate my movements like the single leg stretch ….. Learning to breathe in and out with the right movement. I could go on and on about a lot of things I didn’t know before and frankly the only regret I have is that I didn’t start Pilates much earlier.

I’ve gained in flexibility and balance, but it’s a bit harder to break bad habits when it comes to posture.


I discovered Pilates with you and I really liked it, I would have liked to have been more assiduous.

I liked the rhythm you gave to the classes: for an hour, it was non-stop but gentle, with lots of exercises, it was great 

It did me a lot of good when I came back, in my head and in my body: I was still able to do it, despite a few extra aches and pains.



Fantastic course for me this evening. I’ve grown wings on my arms


I’ve just done the session….. it’s confirmed, this method is magic! I love it! It’s really made for me…..an hour-long meditation where I listen to my body with surgical precision…..’ 

Anne C

I spent an hour without feeling or thinking about my damaged Achilles tendon! Great work on the pelvis, which has relaxed and taken root

Anne C

The session did me a lot of good, at the end it felt like my shoulders were lower and further back. 

During the session I did feel a few aches and pains … but they went away as I went along.


Thank you Tara, it was really delicious! What a pleasure at the end of the day! And what a grounding! My twisted feet are unwinding……I’m completely hooked!

Anne C

The process was completely different before and after the session. I felt very grounded!’ 

Anne C

Very sensitive, it was only natural that I should feel drawn to the Feldenkrais Method, which helped me discover other possibilities within myself. It’s a different way of moving that respects and listens to yourself… and moves you well beyond your body. To try one of Tara’s classes is to adopt her’ 

Anne Lore

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