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Quick overview Pilates

« A few well thought-out exercises, properly executed in a balanced sequence, will always be worth hours of forced, careless or exaggerated movements » (Pilates)

Pilates, a muscular method developed in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates, is a set of exercises designed to work on posture, strength, stability and flexibility. The exercises focus on developing the body by working from the center of the body. Regular practice creates body awareness and makes everyday movements easier and more effective.

Today, it is a very widespread method,  used by a varied public ranging from those who want to get fit, to high-level athletes or classical dancers. The exercises are performed according to the principles of concentration, breathing, control and mastery of movement, centring of the abdominal belt, suppleness and fluidity of movement.

The benefits of practicing pilates

Pilates focuses on muscular and postural strengthening, with an emphasis on the abdominal belt. This part of the body includes the lower back, abdominals and pelvic floor. This means that a large part of each class will focus on working the deep muscles that enable us to hold ourselves up and also relieve us of common aches and pains such as those in the lower back. Regular practice of the Pilates method will not only help you to practice Pilates more easily and with pleasure, but will also enable you to get involved in any other sport or activity. Increasing your body awareness is a tool to help you reduce the risk of injury. Being aware of your body not only protects it from injury but also makes it perform better.

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A large number of motor problems, and the pain they cause, stem from an acquired habit, not from an abnormal structure’ (N. Doidge)

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Explanation of Pilates classes

What happens in a Pilates class on the floor?

The aim of each class is to work the whole body, sometimes focusing on different parts of the body: legs, arms, pelvic joints and so on. Everything is done with an awareness of the center of the body and a focus on breathing.

Can anyone practice Pilates?

Absolutely. The method allows you to make it your own, to adapt and evolve according to your progress and your objectives.

Are there different levels?

Each exercise can be adapted to suit you – by positioning yourself slightly differently, slowing down the pace or the number of repetitions. Unlike group classes, where I usually keep the different levels together, private classes or classes for two  allow me to work in depth with each person’s level and to go into more detail about their habits and experiences. Each person comes with a different objective and desire: to strengthen their muscles, to get rid of pain, to prepare for a sporting feat, to lighten their weight. We can discuss and adapt the workout, its length and intensity, to each objective.

Why do Pilates?

Nowadays, almost everyone has heard about Pilates. It’s a ‘kind of gym’, you could hear. But it is so much more: Pilates is an intelligently constructed sequence of exercises working on your core and improving your general flexibility, strength and feeling of balance. Every exercise is a deep dive in your profound musculature helping you protect your body from injuries and making you learn how to use your core, your ‘centre’, in all other sports you practice. Pilates will give you a feeling of strength and flexibility, all in one, in a consciously built body shape.


Tara has been more than a teacher for me, she has been a real companion and guide. She taught me to overcome my limits and my fears following a back injury. Today, thanks to her, Pilates has become a part of my daily routine that my body couldn’t do without. I can’t thank her enough.

Elise G

I’ve been taking Pilates classes with Tara for two years: she’s a teacher who knows how to listen to each person’s needs. I’ve learned a lot from her and I use her teaching every day. Thanks to her, I can say that I no longer have any back pain and I’m able to relax while being aware of my bodily sensations.

Delphine D

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